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Customer Testimonials

Gateway Insurance

"Alicia Martinez did an amazing job today helping me with a surety bond. She even met me at the UPS store to get it notarized and because of her I made my DMV appt on time and got everything taken care of!! She is awesome!"

"I’m only telling it like it is, we really do enjoy our new house and it is such a pleasure to come home to it each night. None of this would have been possible without the assistance from yourself and Greg at Mercury Insurance. Feel free to share this with other folks via your website. Lori and I have both been letting everyone we know just how great we’ve been treated by both Gateway and Mercury and will continue to sing your praises.

Thank you again for your help guiding us through this experience, while it wasn’t always easy, in the end everything worked out great!"

Lonnie A. Duke

"I appreciate very much for the efforts you have made on my insurance matters. You are the best agent I have ever met.

I am looking forward to receiving the auto policy declaration and invoice for renewal.

Thank you again."

Wah Leong

"I actually called someone out on Sunday, he’s a preferred vendor with Safeco and he took great care of us. I didn’t know I could have chips repaired at no cost until he told me. That’s a great thing to offer and I’m glad I have Safeco!

Thanks for your response!"


"I voted you as “Best Insurance Agent” for The Reporter’s Best of 2010. Based on my pleasant business transactions with your professionalism, you deserve it."


"Since becoming a licensed driver, and Mercury Insurance holder, in 1999, I have come to expect my dealings with your agents at Gateway to be the only ray of light in my business dealings – your employees have always exceeded my expectations in courtesy, knowledge, and professionalism. They are the definition of customer support.

However, there is one, amongst your talented and worthy staff, who supersedes all others…Laura Calderon. I called Laura last Spring to discuss a few issues with her: 1. In the next six months I would once again be a California Good Driver; 2. I would qualify to reapply for insurance under Mercury, instead of Mercury Casualty; and 3. I was purchasing a new car. Laura walked me through the steps of each point I needed addressed, answered each of my many questions, and completed additional research when I needed a clarification. I was prepared to contact Laura again in November, before my insurance renewal, to make the necessary changes to my insurance policy, but before I could call her, she called me. Despite having, what I am sure is, an astoundingly heavy customer load, Laura initiated my re-application to Mercury Insurance, verified with the DMV that all points were removed from my license, and helped me get the best rate for my new car.

Laura Calderon has earned my unwavering loyalty. I am so impressed by the service she (in addition to your other agents and support staff) provides that I recommend Gateway Insurance to all my friends and business partners.

Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf – you are sincerely appreciated!"

Kimberly Crawford

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help the other day with my car insurance. I thought the process was going to be a lot longer and frustrating, like dealing with some other agents in the past. It was a pleasure working with you. You really showed me how great customer service goes a long way. I went online and signed the documents for progressive and everything is all set. Thanks again, I truly appreciate all your help."

Ryan Cascio

"I will certainly refer business your way when the opportunity permits. Your rates and personal service have been excellent."


"YOU ARE AWESOME !!!! Great job- great service! Thank you so much!!!!"


"Just wanted to send out a note of thanks to everyone at Safeco for their help with my recent loss.

As you may recall, I had two vehicles stolen in one night. My wallet and checkbook were also stolen. Truly a bad night for me personally. I reported the loss immediately, and would like to thank Shelley Howard for her help in guiding me through the claims process. She understood the magnitude of my loss, and the potential effects that it could have on my family and me. Thanks also Shelley for setting me up with a rental car.

My stolen pickup has not been recovered, and is now a total loss. Mike Norman walked me through the next part of the process, and was very helpful in answering all of my questions. I was quite apprehensive about the payoff amount of my pickup, and was expecting a financial hardship in replacing it. Mike explained the process that determined the true value of my stolen truck, an average of ten comparable vehicles in my local area. I was pleased with the payoff amount, which truly was fair. Thanks for everything, Mike.

My Focus was recovered about a week ago in reasonably good condition. Laura Calderon (Gateway Insurance) was helpful in reinstating my coverage, and also making the necessary corrections to my policy. Thanks Laura for your friendly help and guidance.

Having two vehicles and my identity stolen has been a bit traumatic, but Safeco has been great, providing outstanding service in a troubling time for me. I tell my story often, and do not hesitate to add that Safeco is a great insurance company.

Thanks again to everyone."


Gateway Insurance

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