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How to Pass Your Next Smog Test

from Gateway Insurance

Jun 30, 2015

Smog Test Tips To Remember In California, you are required to pass a smog check before you are able to register your car. If you fail the smog test, you are not able to renew your registration, meaning you cannot drive your car on the road. Keep these smog test tips in mind to ensure that you do not fail due to some of the most common failure reasons.
  • Check engine light – if you go to get a smog test and your check engine light is on, you will automatically fail. Make sure to get your engine checked out before you head in for your test.
  • Trouble code test – a trouble code test is only applicable to vehicles that were manufactured after 1995.
  • No gas – when you get a smog check, they will run your car to check for the emissions of five different gases. When you head in for your test, make sure that your gas tank is at least ½ full so that they can complete the test.
  • Hidden issues – if you have not driven your car for a while make sure to drive it around at least three separate times. Drive it locally, on the highway, and right in the morning before the temperatures heat up. Make sure to turn your car on and off each time you drive it around.
  • Readiness flag tests – if your car was made in 1996 or after, it will automatically fail smog if the readiness flags are not set. If you have recently disconnected your battery for any reason, it will disconnect the readiness flags, requiring you to reset them.
After passing your next smog test, it is important to take a look at your auto insurance coverage to ensure that you have the protection you deserve. Contact Gateway Professional Insurance Services in Vacaville, California for all of your car insurance needs.

Four Article Comments

Charles Kemp

I never thought about the car having problems because of smog. It would make sense why the check engine light would come on. This is why we get our cars inspected all the time. To reduce the smog and to keep our cars from putting out a lot of dangerous gasses.

Jack Mulligan

I hadn’t thought about how a car sitting for a long time might change the readings on the smog test. I have an old Mustang that I can’t drive around in the winter and I’m sure it’ll need a drive around to get warmed up. I’ll have to make sure I get it ready before I take it in for testing!

Barbera Peters

This article was really awesome for me to read. The first tip mentioned the check engine light needing to be fixed before going. That is such a helpful tip that I didn’t know. My car needs to pass the emissions test but I am not sure how to make sure it will pass. After reading this article I feel more confident about what I need to do to get my car ready for the inspection.

Bobby Saint

I appreciate you sharing some tips on how to pass your next smog test such as making sure to inspect your check engine light indicator. It is important that this isn’t turned on because if it is, you will automatically fail the test. I personally wasn’t aware of this until I read your post. I will definitely keep this in mind and make sure that my check engine light is not malfunctioning before taking the smog test. Thanks.

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