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Best Holiday Gifts for the Car Lovers in Your Life

Dec 24 2013 If you can't afford to purchase a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 458 Italia, you might want to consider these gifts for a car lover. A replica model is a more economical approach to getting someone their... more

Hosting a Holiday Party? Make Sure Your Homeowners Insurance is Enough.

Dec 20 2013 This time of year is filled with holiday parties. Some are with relatives, some with friends, and others may be work related. If you are hosting a party, are you sure your homeowners insurance will cover you and... more

Why We Love "Word of Mouth" Advertising

Dec 16 2013 At Gateway Professional Insurance Services, we are very thankful for the loyalty of our customers. We love being part of the Vacaville, California community, and appreciate it when people provide referrals and... more

Festival of Trees Gala Returns to Vacaville

Dec 11 2013 The Holidays are full of events to celebrate the season and one is set for December 2nd at the Vacaville Skating Center. That is the date for the annual Festival of Trees Gala. The 2013 Festival of the Trees Gala... more

Who qualifies for workers compensation?

Dec 6 2013 Today's worker has a number of challenges to face. Unfortunate situations do happen on the job and you should be prepared in the event something happens. Many people automatically think they qualify for workers... more

Begin Your Holiday in a Healthy Way

Dec 2 2013 During the holidays, we tend to over-eat and enjoy foods that are not particularly healthy for us. People love finger foods, so let's begin with an appetizer recipe that would add one element of healthier eating. ... more

Are Your Tires Good Enough for Winter?

Nov 27 2013 With winter rapidly approaching it is time to think about your tires. With all-season tires of today, many never consider the need for winter tires. The fact is, in a mild winter or in areas that see little or no... more

What Earthquake Insurance Will and Won't Cover

Nov 22 2013 Experiencing the violence of an earthquake isn't the only thing that makes survivors scared. If you're a home owner, finding out that you didn't have the right insurance to meet your needs can be really frightening.... more

Know Your Rights Under Worker's Comp Insurance

Nov 18 2013 Worker's comp insurance protects you against injuries sustained on the job. In the event of an accident on the job where you need medical care, your worker's comp policy will help pay for medical treatment for the... more

Ways You Can Drive Safer In The Rain

Nov 13 2013 Driving in the rain is a headache and hassle that no one truly enjoys. However, driving in the rain isn't just about how wet you get when you're not inside the car, its making sure you're driving safer since the... more

The Best Thanksgiving Means Pumpkin Cheesecake!

Nov 8 2013 When you think about Thanksgiving, you think about friends, family and great food. When it comes to great desserts, there's no better way to finish off an awesome meal than with Pumpkin Cheesecake! If you love... more

Thanksgiving And Kitchen Safety: A Must Have For True Enjoyment

Nov 4 2013 Thanksgiving is a great time of year. We get together with friends and family, watch football on TV and best of all, enjoy great food. The one thing that is rarely on anyones mind on Thanksgiving is their... more

Vacaville in November Means Lots of Fun

Oct 30 2013 Located as a growing community on the California Interstate 80 corridor between the Bay Area and Sacramento, Vacaville serves as both a bedroom suburb to San Francisco commuters and Sacramento, as well as a farming... more

Spoo-tacular Halloween Events in Vacaville

Oct 28 2013 The ghost, goblins, and witches take the streets of Historic Downtown Vacaville every Halloween. The annual Halloween Stroll provides a safe, family-friendly setting where youngsters of all ages can enjoy trick-or-... more

Why You Need D&O Insurance

Oct 25 2013 The day-to-day of running any operation, from a huge corporation straight down the line to a homeowners' association is exhausting. A president of a small non-profit has enough to deal with without the liability of... more

Master Condo Insurance Before Tragedy Strikes

Oct 21 2013 Condo insurance is a bird of a different feather, much like a peacock. Having a trusted and knowledgeable insurance agent like Gateway Professional Insurance Services makes the difference between being fully... more

Earthquake Insurance Coverage Provides You with Monetary Compensation for Repairs

Oct 16 2013 Representatives of Gateway Professional Insurance Services remind you to check your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure you have earthquake insurance coverage. You may think your homeowner's insurance policy... more

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 11 2013 October is national Breast Cancer awareness month. All over the country, those affected by this heartbreaking disease are gathering to raise funds for research, draw attention to their cause, promote early... more

Keep Your Home and Your Guests Safe This Halloween

Oct 7 2013 Halloween is a scary time of the year. It is even scarier if you are not ready for the liability issues that you may face when hosting a Halloween party or by giving neighborhood children goodies. Here is a quick... more

Tips for preparing your home for Autumn

Sep 30 2013 Homeowners usually have a list of steps to take when they are preparing their homes for the spring. Steps should also be taken to prepare your home for autumn. Get these chores done now to avoid problems that can... more

...And Now a Word From our Customers

Sep 27 2013 At Gateway Professional Insurance Services we think we have some of the best customers in the world. They come from all walks of life in our community and they frequently refer friends and relatives to us. They... more

Insurance Coverage for Apartment Building Owners

Sep 23 2013 If you currently own an apartment building, you should be aware that you may have some unique insurance needs. As an apartment owner, you will require both business and property insurance. Your property insurance... more

Build Your Business Relationships on the Green

Sep 20 2013 If you live and do business in Vacaville and are not taking advantage of the area's many highly rated golf courses, you are missing opportunities. There's a reason that the golf course is one of those cliché places... more

Tips for Forming a Carpool

Sep 16 2013 In today’s busy life, anything you can do to save time is very important. Forming a carpool with other nearby parents to take kids to and from school or activities is one of the best ways you can save this precious... more

About Gateway Professional Insurance Services

Sep 11 2013 For over 30 years Gateway Professional Insurance Services has been serving the Vacaville, California area. What you may not know about us is that we believe being an excellent insurance company is more than... more

Fairfield Fire

Aug 28 2013 Dear friends, I wanted to let you know that when disaster struck in our community this evening you Salvation Army was there!  We first learned about the fire that consumed a number of homes in Fairfield around 4:45... more

How to Safely Handle a Blowout

Aug 28 2013 Even if you regularly maintain your tires it is very possible that you will experience a tire blowout at some time. Often it may be due to debris on the road or another circumstance that you can't adequately... more

Liability - What is it and Who Does it Affect?

Aug 23 2013 Liability is the term used to describe the type of insurance that protects you against claims that others may make against you for injuries they incur on your property or in your business, or for damage your... more

What is a Surety Bond and How Does It Work?

Aug 19 2013 A surety bond, at its most simple description, is a financial instrument that binds an individual to performing a particular obligation. Not doing the job as agreed upon allows for the breaking of the bond, and the... more

Downtown Vacaville: Farmers Market!

Aug 14 2013 Nothing beats the fresh taste of produce straight from the farm. The Vacaville Farmer's Market is just the spot to get quality, fresh produce grown by local farmers. Each Saturday between 8 a.m.. and 12 p.m.. from... more

Are you Familiar with the Different Types of Life Insurance?

Aug 9 2013 When thinking about life insurance, most people think there is one general policy and it will cover everything. Not true – there are distinct differences in each type of policy available. Here is a quick breakdown:... more

Do You Really Need Renters Insurance?

Aug 5 2013 If you are renting, you need renters insurance, no two ways about it. Your property is not covered by your landlord's insurance in the event something adverse happens. When a thief breaks into your home or a fire... more

2013 CreekWalk Summer Concert Series

Jul 31 2013 Residents of Vacaville and surrounding areas have been eagerly looking forward to the 2013 CreekWalk Summer Concerts series, which is set to take place through August. The acclaimed music series gives you, your... more

Riding Safety: Motorcycle Riding in the Heat Means Staying Cautious

Jul 26 2013 With the arrival of summer, motorcycle riders everywhere are taking to the open road. While the summer heat might tempt you to wear light clothing and relax during your ride, taking some precautions can keep you... more

How Much Life Insurance do I Really Need?

Jul 22 2013 When you are trying to determine how much life insurance to purchase for your family and financial goals, several consideration go into the calculation. Income Your income level plays a significant role in the... more

What You Need to Know About Workers' Compensation

Jul 19 2013 Workers' compensation is a necessary policy that you need to have when you have employees. It protects you, your business and your employees by providing benefits when an employee is injured. Following Workers'... more

It's Summer! Do you Have the Right Coverage for the Lake?

Jul 15 2013 Before you take your sailboats, jet boats or ski boats out on the water this summer, take time to evaluate your coverage. Do not assume that it is the right protection when you plan to fish and ski this summer.... more

Do you Own a Classic Car?

Jul 12 2013 When you are the owner of a classic car, taking measures to maintain your precious vehicle will provide peace of mind when you are planning to show it in the future. Basic Safety When you are looking for auto... more

Welcome to the Gateway Insurance Blog!

Jun 19 2013 Thank you for checking out our new blog. We hope this site will become a helpful source of information about getting a great deal on insurance and making sure you have sufficient coverage to secure what is... more

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